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Yachting: Where Simplicity Meets Luxury

It’s more about that moment in time when everything just feels right. When everything is in balance. Where simplicity meets luxury. This is yachting for me. We race through life to attain things that bring us a moment’s pleasure, but when we become the race, we forget how to slow down enough to truly enjoy them. This imbalance does not bring us much peace, regardless of how many things or experiences we acquire. The beauty of yachting for me, what I truly love most about it, is that the simplicity in it is not missed in its luxury. You get…

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New to the Florida Yacht Charter Scene: Victory Yacht

What sets Victory Yacht apart from other yacht charter companies? Victory yacht offers much more than a standard yacht charter company. Some examples include but are not limited to: Water toys: Jet skis, an island tender, a kayak, a paddle board, snorkel gear, scuba tank compressor on board, and more... Food and alcohol included in all charters - we welcome you aboard Victory Yacht with a champagne, cheese, and fruit platter. Our lovely waitress Kelly will be there to cater to your needs serving you food and drinks throughout the duration of your charter! There will be a variety of…
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victory yacht at anchor

Victory Yacht Blog

Victory Yacht Luxury Charters through the Florida Keys The online home of the owners, captain and crew, The Victory Yacht Blog will be your passport to luxury yacht cruising of the Florida Keys and the Gulf of Mexico. Stay tuned for important information on upcoming Victory Yacht events and cruises, as well as how to reserve your own luxury yacht cruise among the beautiful islands of the Florida Keys and the Gulf. The Victory is a classic American 1988, fully restored 85’ Burger motor yacht, which have long been known as some of the finest luxury yachts in the world.…

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