Yachting: Where Simplicity Meets Luxury

vicroty yacht salonIt’s more about that moment in time when everything just feels right. When everything is in balance. Where simplicity meets luxury. This is yachting for me.
We race through life to attain things that bring us a moment’s pleasure, but when we become the race, we forget how to slow down enough to truly enjoy them. This imbalance does not bring us much peace, regardless of how many things or experiences we acquire.
The beauty of yachting for me, what I truly love most about it, is that the simplicity in it is not missed in its luxury. You get the best of both worlds. Surrounded by some of Earth’s greatest beauty, you cannot help but be grounded by it all. The feel of the sun beating on your skin, and the way it sparkles on the waves that ripple onward as far as the eye can see. The surprise greetings from sea guests, like dolphins that are fully alive enjoying their Saturday playing in the wake of the Victory, and you can see and feel the sheer joy they are living in the way they flip and swim sideways and upside down. Other times it is when you are rocked to sleep by the ripples in the sea. And oh the sunsets! Nothing can quite shush the mind like a mesmerizing Gulf sunset. The feel of every destination is so different, like the essence of each individual human, they all have their own personality and feel. diving barrier reef
Yachting is much more than just a luxurious vessel. It is the experience of this vessel coupled with the feel of cruising through the ocean, with no land in sight! It is the safety and security of cruising on an 85 ft. luxury motor yacht, but the adventure of doing so in the middle of the deep, expansive Gulf seas. It is the definition of one of life’s most simple pleasures.
I have sailed the Chesapeake many times in a small sailboat. I adored the simplicity of doing so. However, there was no luxury in it. If the day became too hot, or it rained, we had to squash together into a tiny interior area together while making our way back to shore! It was certainly interesting and I love all of my adventurous experiences I have had, especially involving the sea. However, the simple luxury of yachting, in my eyes, is the experience of the best of both worlds and it is why I own a yacht. It is why my free time is spent exploring the Florida Keys, Cuba, and hopefully soon, more Caribbean islands.  This is where simplicity meets luxury.  dry tortugas historical sites
I have all that cruising or sailing can offer, with the addition of an enormous five bedroom (including crew quarters) home on the water equipped with all of my necessities. If I choose, I can wake up and cook my family breakfast and serve them on a teak table on the aft deck while we sip on our coffee and watch the sunrise, while sailing through the Gulf of Mexico. We have the comforts of home, with the experience and adventure of cruising anywhere we please. Yachting is where it’s at, in my book. Where simplicity meets luxury.

If you would like more information on Victory Yacht, and 85 ft. luxury Burger motor yacht, please check out our site at the following link:  https://victoryyacht.com  victory yacht salon2victory yacht bridge1

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