Giving Back

Giving Back

Over the years, we have spent many hours snorkeling with sea turtles, observing and developing a love and appreciation for these beautiful creatures. Since they are also local to our area, and with whom we share our waters, we decided, we feel a sense of responsibility to be a part of saving the sea turtles. Through much research, we have chosen to donate a portion of every charter to The Turtle Hospital, located in Marathon, Florida.

Florida sea turtles suffer injuries due to boating, fishing, and pollution. Sea turtles often swallow fishing hooks, or debris left behind by vacationers that are then washed into the waters, which tend to get lodged leading to starvation. Many turtles are hit by boat propellers resulting in missing fins which then prevent the turtles from the ability to dive into the waters, leaving them floating on the surface of the water. Often turtles are found entangled in fishing lines, unable to swim, resulting in the loss of flippers and drowning.

The Turtle Hospital not only rehabilitates and releases sea turtles in need of medical care, but they educate the public on how to make our waters safer. They encourage the legislature to pass and enforce appropriate laws and regulations to help stop unregulated coastal development and non-sustainable agricultural practices. This facility is open to the public and offers educational tours, after which you can feed the permanent residents. You can check out The Turtle Hospital and/or make a donation to help the sea turtles by following this link:

Victory Yacht will donate $100 of every fully booked charter to The Turtle Hospital. We thank those who charter with us for helping us to save the sea turtles!

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