Egmont Key

For the nature-loving, water-enthusiasts

Accessible only by boat, this uninhabited island paradise lies southwest of the mouth of Tampa Bay.   Just over one and a half miles in length, this tiny island is packed full of history from the Seminole Wars through World War II.  You can explore the ruins of Fort Dade, tour the 1858 lighthouse and walk the red brick “roads to nowhere.”  Designated a National Wildlife Refuge in 1974, this undeveloped island is home to gopher tortoises, hummingbirds and other seabirds.  In fact, the entire southern third of Egmont Key is closed off as a shore bird wildlife sanctuary.  Submerged on the southwestern side of the island are the remains of forts from the Spanish-American war.  These underwater ruins, the surrounding shallows and seagrass beds are a haven for sea-life, making this a great snorkeling destination.

For the nature-loving, water-enthusiasts, Egmont Key is the perfect spot for you.  Enjoy the crystal-clear waters and natural wildlife, relax and collect shells along secluded, pristine white-sand beaches, enjoy some snorkeling, swimming and maybe even some fishing.  Egmont Key is the perfect spot to take advantage of Victory’s water toys.

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